Thursday, June 17, 2010

4th Annual Summer Run

We are off to a great start and new horizons with the Ovarian Cancer summer run. My "Team Sussex" is growing every year as I continue (thank God I am still alive) my battle with this demon. Every year with all new research and screening, new hope for early detection and new cures ,my life gets extended, so I am so grateful for this venue. We had our first kick off practice walk this last Wed at 6PM, you are all welcome to join us, and will continue until walk/run day-challenge yourself to be your best-July 25th, Sunday. If you can't make make race day, join Team Sussex with a donation (, smile and think of me as you challenge yourself to reach a higher level with whatever activity makes you feel best(I am not talking about drinking folks).

My summer is busy. Dan's parents and brother are coming from Australia to see their granddaughter! We are all excited to show her off and have her meet her family. She will be 5 months old when they get here and is smiling and such a great baby they can't wait! I couldn't have waited this long, but they will get much better weather in July (I hope).
Then comes the summer run on the 25th, and then my nephew is getting married at our house Aug.1. Great to have uplifting and fun events to look forward to.

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Susanna said...

Miss you guys! We love you all and hope to see you soon. I hope that I can come to Seattle w Adam and Maja when they have October break and see you then. We all want to meet Dyllan... Best of luck w your training and the run/walk! You are amazing. Hugs, Susanna