Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have been sidetracked with many things but this weekend marks the 2rd annual (and biggest ever) TEAM SUSSEX walk for the cure at the summer run. Still time to sign up at www.summerun.org and go to team sussex. I am so elated to have you all on board and feeling uplifted once again at all the support I continue to get each year this battle goes on.

An update on my treatments...I am currently undergoing chemo treatments for a persistent spot on my lung. We are changing up the drug since it seems to be resistant to the last chemo I was taking. I have been struggling with the whole concept of feeling sick when I have chemo, and feeling great in between. Why is all this necessary? Can't I just get a break? Yesterday I went in for the second dose of the new treatment (cisplatin and gemzar-or some such thing) and wasn't over the nausea from the week before. I was cured almost immediately when the doctor sent me home without more chemo (my white blood count was too low). I am told to rest, but I don't feel like it...I am told to eat, but I don't feel like it...and what am I supposed to eat anyways? There just aren't enough statistic es to prove anything about a cure or we would all be doing it-believe me!

My positive braclets are helping, but they go missing all the time. Even I haven't been able to stay on track for 21 consecutive days. I am going awol from work. Just escaping from the life I have been living and trying to find something more satisfying. I love the sunshine we have been blessed with. It highlights natures best-the water sparkles like diamonds, the trees shade feels like such a retreat and listening to the rustling of the leaves means that a breeze is coming through-it cools my sweaty bald head-I run around with sweet abandon-wigless. The plants respond vigorously to the sunshine and blossoms turn into fruit. I can't get enough of the sweet yellow tomoatoes, the blueberries, lettuce, and now blackberries are beginning to ripen. This is my favorite time of year! Come play with me.

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