Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seafair weekend

It's the weekend of the year the kids would not miss. They return home like Capistrano swallows to do their thing on Lake Washington. I pray harder each year for their safety over the drunken 3 day weekend. I remember calmer days as the activities were building and the Blue Angels started their flying shows; after all, they are the thunder in the air-the stars of the show.
This year we have a new dock and once again everyone is home-Dan and Erica (who is taking her turn as designated driver and responsibly refraining from drinking) too. Tyler and Tyler (he now has a 1 year-newborn baby at the wedding) have each moored their boats at the dock. Holsteads are at the Casa. They all head out...I get a calm call from Erica at 8PM not wanting to alert me or set me into panic mode. She and her girlfriend are on their way to emergency-her girlfriend sliped getting off the boat onto our new dock. Thank God the sign the kids posted did not produce resutls. "Boat moorage for Seafair $600". Erica's girlfriend ends up with (no insurance) a broken thumb, arm cast, cracked rib, and a what appears the next day when I get a look at it, to be a dozen stitches for a deep gash in her right leg-no insurance for pain pills. Ouch! We made it thru another year!
I participated this year-heading out from our awesome party at the Dierickx's house on Backes' boat before the final hydroplane laps. It's been years since I've been to the front line-log boom. We are bombarded with water balloons and water guns that nearly miss us-the day is in the 90's so the cool spray is welcomed. My back pains still alert me that the white cells are being manufactured up the spine marrow, but the pain is minimal and I can hop in the water and float around without worries. The chemo is working. I can feel results!
Yoga is in order SOON.

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