Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Updates, Doctor, and Baby

Most of the questions I get these days involve "How are you doing" and the usual response-"Fine" though I continue to fight new spots that crop up, and how is Dyllan? Is she home if come over now?

So to catch you up Dyllan was born to Erica and Dan on Jan 24, 2010 (9 week premature-nearly 4 lbs) and she has more than doubled her weigh and is strong as a horse. Seems like she is only steps away from crawling and mostly a near perfect baby though Erica calls her "Miss Fuss" a lot. We think she is the most beautiful thing on this earth and are loving having her expressions, both smiles and pouty lips. She seems to have caught up with the rest of the bunch at 4 months.

My visit to the doctor today turned into some more testing (EKG, to make sure my heart will withstand the next chemo treatment). So yes, the cancer has spread, to the lymph nodes, stomach, and lungs) but I was given a wonderful sunny Sunday, Mother's Day to gather my strength and prepare for the next round. Sunday we went to the baseball game (Mariners) and they won! First win in over 8 games, and it was 8-1
Then the kids put on a great evening as the sun set on the waterfront. Sean set a beautiful and cooked lamb, roasted potatoes, cut up pineapple and had a huge bottle of champagne. As a finale, they brought out a picnic canvas bag with snacks, plates and silverware, and drinks.Perfect for the boat, or most any excursion-which we will have to plan more of.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your family is treating you like royalty and glad that the sun is shining so that you can soak up the warmth of spring. Thoughts are with you - Lindy Weathers

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Mother's day- it is even more special since you are a Grandmother too!

SummeRun is coming up- just got the newsletter and I put July 25th on my calendar. I will start getting the running group thinking about getting ready!

mary yax said...

Nothing like spring sunshine to renew your strength and energy. My oncologist always said "go lay down where the dog is". Animals seem to know how to energize their bodies and heal themselves. So I say- curl up with a good book and the dog! What a wonderful way to spend a warm spring afternoon. My thoughts and love are with you. Mary Yax