Thursday, September 6, 2007


In the past I have been able to regroup and pull ahead with enthusiasm, but occasionally I seem to be angry at everything. Perhaps it is the yoga that needs attending to so that I can move inward rather than challenging everything outside my life.
Yesterday I started over again in my business attending a series of classes entitled Career Activator Program along side my daughter who is jump starting her new career. The review is good for me as it makes me review my business plan and budgeting for the future. The market has slowed down here and talking real estate has also taken a back seat to talking cancer. I am ready for the change, but it is a new challenge that often makes me amgry at the people closest to me. Why is that, and can I deal with that now, or is it just an excuse to slack off?
Just as in business I have moved back into the exercise routines I created for myself in the past, running to relief stress from a conversation regarding business that didn't go well. I found myself sticking to the flat areas to avoid hills as my breathing was labored and my head not clear. I ran for half an hour; the longest I have run since my surgery, and felt frustrated with the lack of progress. Why am I so down on myself? I discovered blood in my urine, the same as before surgery-where is that coming from, tumors? I will have to call the doctor again.
This morning I had planned on going to swim before the class begins at 8:30, the mental alarm was early and I awoke at 4 am. I could get up, but I also have to pack to go to Monterey where Sharon is running in the Pacific Grove triathalon in my honor. I am proud of her accomplishment and her persistance to the goal. It is inspirational for me also. I blogged instead of swimming. I will start again when I get home and allow myself to rest instead for a few more days.
One day at a time...


Domino said...

Hey person with 2 feet, and a nice pair of shoes. I got the opportunity to teach second grade PE the other day so I got to lead warm-up exercises and stretching seven times (I did let them know it was yoga) as well as play "Man from Mars" all day long for $90. I had to crawl home and right into the Hot Tub so the second graders had kicked the professional skateboarder ass! But I'll bet I'm a better fisherman than any of them are! Take it easy on the ones you love, more important take it easy on the one WE love! That is you KAT


kristen said...

I am having trouble sending a comment now! What happened? LMK when you return from Monterery... let's try this again! Kristen

Lou said...

Hey Kerry, what a blast we had this past weekend cheering the Iguana Girl on ... you were quite an inspiration for all of us as you ran with her on the last lap of the race encouraging her to rev up and kick butt.

george said...

Dear Kerry,
It is a quiet Sunday morning and I am sitting here in our home that you have been very much a part of our having and keeping (thanks!) and trying to connect with you and your feelings.

I would be angry if such a large thing had lunged into my life and dominated it with fear and uncertainty. It is such a wonder and inspiration that you have been able to keep the anger at bay for so much of the time. I dont think I could do it, but if it comes to that for me, you are leading the way. Thank you. Thank you from all of us out here.

ashleigh said...

Hi Kerry,

How is the book coming? I love your writing...invites me to continue reading.

On an all too familiar note I'm sure, my dad was diagnosed with Espophageal Cancer a couple weeks ago. Are we ever prepared to hear such news? Blindsighted my family. I know he would appreciate connecting with you through your blog or email, so I sent him over the link. Hope that's okay. He just finished up his second round of chemo and it hit him pretty harshly.

Sending you strength and peace Kerry, thank you for letting us pray for you. We are all blessed by you.