Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

What a peaceful and wonderful day today was. The sun came through the window this morning beginning the day earlier than would have been on a rainy day when I am inclined to pull the sheets back over my head an doze off again. The sales were in progress and Steve and I went over to Bellevue and shopped the Labor day sale at Masins and bought ourselves a first ever, NEW bedroom set. Two of my college roommates got together and we went for a walk that turned into a neighborhood reconnection and rediscovery of trails that I am exploring once again. The gardens around were full of blooming flowers and the colors are inspiring. I got on my bike-a first since May-and felt the wind against my face and the freedom of self power. I caught up with old friends and dropped in on Sandy and we talked about her beautiful Hawaii retreat and both relived that gorgeous part of the country. I went home excited to get our backyard blooming (it has been a dirt pile lately as Steve has moved over 30 yard to level the backyard and construction workers have both painted and constructed a new outdoor room). Tonight after a quiet barbeque in the new outdoor eating area, we mellowed out to KCTS presentation of orchestra accompanied coastal towns. What a great way to end the day and continue the dream.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, What a wonderful way to continue the dream. It couldn't be said any more beautifully, and I am so very proud of you, almost tearful. You are indeed so wonderfully special.