Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm back

With holiday celebrations behind me and remission giving new growth to my hair, I forged into the new year with vigor and plans! January brought on a road trip to S California, the desert sun, and every weather pattern imaginable. Steve & I celebrated Natalie's 1st birthday, stopped at the Hearst Castle, saw the elephant seals breading on the beach, looked for the migrating monarchs, combed the beaches of Carmel with Debbie, and appreciated the precious time together with each other, friends and family.
The remission was not to last though and upon return from that trip I headed back for more tests eventually leading to the 2nd battle with a new concoction of chemotherapy and, just as I was enjoying a new butch, dark hairstyle, a second round with loosing my hair. I did run a 1/2 marathon before getting knocked down again, and have a lot of goals ahead of me that keep me going.
I headed back down to the desert (the sun is just too evasive this year and oh, so precious). We visited the Storys' home in Sun City, shopped the bazar, and hiked, swam, golfed, and played.
Next on the horizon, besides catching up with all of you, is Guilda's Club annual fashion show where I will model-May 23rd at the Westin, Seattle. Let me know if I can send you an invite...then the second annual summer run is coming in July, Erica and Dan are entertaining guests from Australia and moving into a new home, and I'd love to participate in a bike event in August if all goes well. So that is just to catch you up again and I promise to be better about keeping you on the roller coaster.

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