Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sleepless again

The weather change has been like a time zone change and I find myself thinking of everything under the sun that I need to do before next chemo (and last!) this coming Tues, June 9th. Mostly I am planning my future and those plans seem so inconsistent when my body isn't up to doing all that my mind has planned for it.

First off, a catch up on the California week last week; even with June gloom and reverse weather conditions (I thought I was going to soak up the sun and turned out Seattle had the incredible weather and LA rained) I had a fabulous time. Success was the word for the reunion of 4 of us classmates who had not all convened since 1969-young and influential 7th graders we were at the time. From different corners of the world we came with youthful strengths and dreams; together a power to be reckoned with. We have been pillars of strength for each other in various ways and shared secrets like the Ya Ya Sisterhood that only those from ASIJ (American School in Japan) could understand. This is the start of a new book.

Dad was the gracious host in Palos Verdes Estates. We had our week full of family connections: Eileen (youngest of 5 siblings) and daughter, Natalie, just 2 years old, shopped for belated birthday present and later completed a pair of mosaic flip flops with Debbie (my best friend from Japan who stayed with us for the long weekend). Steve and I did our usual Real Estate tour along the beach communities and walked the Strand once again. The ocean pulls each time I visit, I feel I am meant to be on the water. I had to get my fix by climbing down the bluff across from Dad's house on Thursday. There I found shell treasures, young people out on an adventure (the only ones who venture down the cliff side are either surfers, scuba divers, or homeless people it seems-certainly not for the week in the knees) driftwood huts and fire pits, and rotting seal carcases! After nearly tripping over several and hearing that there were a dozen more up ahead, I headed up a new-to-me trail about a mile down the beach. Near the top it got steep enough to grab a rope that was tied to a root up the hill and, with 3 shells in tow, I managed to reach the top without dropping anything (cell phone included). I called Steve to tell him I was headed home and safe on the road again. He always thinks I get too close to the edge so I cannot take him with me anymore. Sunday we took a road trip to San Clemente to visit Warren, wife Claire, and daughter Sheri (Jena is in Tanzania-a travel bug like me) and Karen and son Dean met us there for lunch coming up from San Diego. We visited the Farmer's Market historic Casa Bonita (correct me please I know that is wrong), then checked out a few open houses along the beachfront. We stopped at the Wayfarer's Chapel and crashed a wedding on the way home.
Monday we made the trek downtown to the fashion district to buy some bling and fashion statements with Maggie, and had lunch with Susan (the other 2 musketeers from Japan days), at her restaurant, The First Cup.
4;30 am Tuesday came all too soon as we caught the plane home to sunny Seattle.

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jeffrey said...

Hey Kerry Kat,

Hope the chemo went well, and you aren't feeling too sick. You are a brave woman, and I so admire you. You are in my prayers as always, and not a day goes by that I don't say a couple extra one or two for your complete success.