Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take it to the top

My long time friend, Val, invited me to attend her 50th birthday party. Granted she is younger than I and challenges me to go to higher levels, but this was a grand way to enter the new year. I had just finished my latest round of chemo on Friday and the party was on Wed. and it would have been easy to bow out since we were setting off on our trip to California, but I took the challenge to snowshoe up the ski slope. Wes offered to be my Sherpa and carry my skies up the mountain for me so that the trip down would be effortless. The day arrived and yes, it was sunny but it was also 19 degrees out. We arrived at Val's house for oatmeal and libations and I found out that many had decided it was too cold, or they had to work, or it was too much of a challenge. I felt vibrant and well to make the trek. There were 11 of us in the end that had the freedom to abandon the working world and go to further heights and we were the recipients of God's beauty and stillness at the top. The report in the morning paper had read "cloudy with a chance of fun". The reached Grand Junction at the top and it was bright and beautiful. We popped champagne corks and mulled wine and out came the cake and balloons and we played games like the kids that we all are with wild abandon and forgot our troubles and worries for a fleeting day. We summited. I challenge you to be make the most of your days and I promise you will find beauty. Thanks Val for turning 50 and still teaching me to find the child within.

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