Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life's a Bitch

Some would think that Life's a bitch means that it is the pits. I am having a stare down with my favorite friend right now, Bailey, our yellow lab-it's 3 am and she follows me around whereever I go whenever I go. She's a bitch (a female dog). Why is that a bad connotation? She has an attitude! If she wants something she lets you know by whining, barking, looking at you with sad eyes, or pulling you along & stubbornly smelling things when you want to be on your way. She is 12 years old now and needs glucosamine pills to keep the puppy in her step, but the fact is she is getting old for a lab and the years are slowing in her ability to get around, but give her a ball and she chases it, clap you hands and talk to her in a happy tone, and you can trick her into anything. Every day is "the happiest day of my life" for her. She has a bitchin' attitude and I am taking notes from her. Life's a bitch-it's just how you interpret it.


Tamae said...

Hi Kerry-
Just a quick note to say I am thinking about you. We are right here next door and willing to help in any way. I will check in with the meal coordinator and with Erica or Steve to see what else we can do. I love your blog and great sense of humor. You are in my prayers. Tamae

Debra said...

Vaughn says: "Bitchin'!!!" to his best boat buddy! What a great post! You rock, Kerry!

Domino said...

Yo Kerry, nice picture of you wearing the Elizabethan collar/satellite dish. Once upon a time my sister Beth's great Dane "Lexie", wearing a similar uniform started a stampede that left one of the horses tangled in barb wire. Leo kept the horse quiet while I ran for the fencing pliers. Then I held the horse while he cut it loose. So don't lick that scar and it'll heal much faster. Has anyone suggested a software called Dragon naturally speaking? It is a dictation device that allows me to appear almost literate. In fact I'm using it now "look Mom no misspellings".
Being dealt a new hand is seldom what we expect. I decided to name mine Charlie Manson because I can't control him. The good part is we never know which cards will turn out to be wild in the end. Like Bill Murray said in the movie Caddy Shack when describing the tip he received from the Dalai Lama, "I've got that going for me" and so do you! da K2 K9 kid

anniem said...

Hey Kerry -

It's important to keep that BITCHing attitude because it'll keep those untamed cells in check.

And remember BITCH stands for


or words to that effect.

Your bitchin' friend,

Sue said...


George gave me the difficult news yesterday. If anyone can keep humor and health and triumph over this, you can!

If there's anything we can do or food to bring or anything else, let us know and we'll jump at the chance.

Many thoughts and prayers are coming to you.


Janet said...

Hi Kerry,

The energy and force coming from your blog is amazing. I shouldn't be surprised because you have always been one strong woman but the web of friendships you have is so vibrant it's creating an uplifting feeling for all of us reading your blog.

I'm sending you my love and prayers.


Celeste said...

keep on keepin' on kerry!

Shmer said...

Haha, love it mom! Bailey loved it too...she is such a great dog, and she will just love her "bitchin" new friend when I get a puppy this summer...look out...3 bitches in one house!



George said...

Thinking a lot about you. Coffee some time? Sit out in the sun for an hour at South End Starbucks? Sometime next week in the afternoon?
Be sure to follow the bitch's way of letting all know clearly what you want and need.
Love, George.

rita said...

it was just a few days ago when I was in the garden and you came running up 61st...Steve told Bailey and she ran to meet you...so happy and so sweet, and we spoke about how wonderful our "bitches" are... may the "bitch" force be with you during your healing. Hope to see you guys tomorrow for a chat in the garden and as Tamae has said we are right here, do not hesitate to call upon us. Rita