Saturday, May 26, 2007

Martha Thorsvig

How comforting it is to know that my family is being nurished by fabulous meals that everyone is lined up to bring. Every loving act is anxiously awaited around 6:30 (as that is the time Steve has managed to train our family to start salivating since he took over this duty and retired as Mr Mom years ago). Martha (Kathy) Thorsvig, I call her that since she is Miss Manners and knows everything about what is appropriate ettiquitte (you can blog her some questions if you have any now) has been assigned the coordination of dinners. Just in case you want to bring any, you might call her at 206-232-5298, or maybe, if we get this done right, we could put it up on the blog so everyone would know what was coming? In the past when I have made meals for others, it didn't occur to me the wide spread love that this simple act attained. People love to show up and talk and share food. Without the coordination of dinners, there could be an overwhelming amount of waste, or lack of refrigeration space (we figured that one out at Thanksgiving!) and we don't want that.
Last night, the best of plans laid, there was a bit of a miscommunication. As is usuall around dinner time (that is also the time everyone gets off work) my good friends the Giesbrechts, and the Schaeffers, arrived. Now those of you who know Val Giesbrecth know that she is a gourmet chef and everyone would love to be invited to her house for dinner, but I told her not to bring anything cause we have so much food and I was sure that someone was bringing a dinner (she also would have checked with Martha as she is another one of those perfectly organized people). Schaeffers had brought us cookies and wine-their specialty-and we were all set up for a nite at the Sussexes! Only someone neglected to relay to me that our meal had been canceled (who does that?). Around 6:30 my stomach was feeling that growl and Mike went to get some snacks. The mealtime passed and I went to bed but the meal would have been consumed if it had been hind site, everything really does happen for a reason. I had overdone it for the day with a superwoman walk with my power girlfriends, Marilyn Dierickx, and Suzie Backes and we had run into Cynthia Schoonmacher who was off on an real estate scout and we went to see the house (but that is another story). I did end up going to bed earlier than I would have otherwise, to that end Steve gets all the credit (he was trying to get me to bed all day long). Little did I know that I would need all the rest I could get as I experienced the worst nite since surgery with releif and sleep finally taking over around 4:30 am.


ljregis said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours as you embark on this new and unexpected journey. We believe in YOU and always have.
Debra's Mom and DAD

Robin Bro said...

Hi there Kerry Cat.

I jad not heard this nick name for you for a long while until you sent me a birthday card earlier this month signed as such.

Kat's tales, good pick for a blog name.

Anyway I am over enough to have Kerry blog me personally, so I am really posting this so everyone can see that her family is out here and care very much

I thank everyone else for your support for Kerry, whatever role you might play.


hj said...

Hi Kerry,

Anne & I heard this news just a couple of days ago; it's great to hear that you're home and getting your family to do your bidding. Keep it up.

Your friends are all thinking of you too, and hoping to see you as your beautiful self soon.

Debra said...

I want to come up and help in any way possible, for as long as you need me, but I also don't want to get underfoot. Maybe later when the family needs a break? Just let me know, Kerry -- you know I'd do anything for you!


P.S. I love the collar to keep you from chewing on your stitches!

Celeste said...

that's one bad ass scar kerry! parker and i are completely impressed.

the kids and i have been making trecks up that way every few months and would love to support you in any way we can. i have all kinds of chemo/radiation tricks i can share once you find out more about your treatment.

we're thinking of you! love love love to all - celeste, miss p & 'renzo

Toad said...

Hi Kerry Cat -

Looks like you are keeping busy. I told Erica that you would be hard to keep down. I hope things slow down here shortly and you have some more time to stop and catch your breath again. Think you might have time to talk with an old toad?

Cats rule - Love ya sister.

Donna said...

Kerry Kat,

Awesome photo and awesome attitude. I am ready to join you on your journey. I am looking foreward to being under your inspiration!

Livestrong Girl :-)

Love, Donna and Tim

bonsan said...

I am both in awe and overwhelmed at the same time, the blazing new trails has come to mean so much more than the original idea. You create the map and I will pay attention and follow, your strength and grace amidst all the pain are truelly amazing. You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly...

Liz & Paul said...

Kerry, Paul and I are thinking about you all the time. Sounds like Paul is like Steve, he does most of the yardwork as well. I'm planning to pull up the front lawn and plant a 'salmon friendly' yard, but big plans take time. I wanted to let you know that I have a friend and co-worker who was diagnosed stage 4 ovarian cancer almost four years ago. Let me know if you would like to contact her. Paul and I would love to come by with a fruit salad, or whatever sounds appealing to you. Take care. Love Liz & Paul