Thursday, May 31, 2007

God is Love

Of this one I am sure. The nurse asked me in the hospital as I awoke from anesthesia if I had any religious beliefs of would I like to call someone in. I immediately thought of my dear friend Dale Sewell who is the paster at the Mercer Island Presbyterian Church, but I didn't think I needed to call on him immediately. That would make me feel like I needed last rights or something. I wasn't going there. Fortunately my friend Marilyn called Dale for me and he came up to see me stat. Dale moved to Mercer Island from Minneapolis the same time I moved to Mercerwood neighborhood. We we friends immediately as we settled into a new community. I found I could go to Dale and ask him anything about God because he has the educational background to give me some good answers at times when I felt abandoned. My own truth about God has never waivered. God is Love. When I have felt most alone I need only remember that if I give love I will receive. It doesn't matter what religion you are, everyone has love. I know what a powerful thing prayer is. I learned that when I was 5. My mom sent me to my room and I prayed to be sick so she would feel sorry for me. I got good and sick and the lesson has stayed with me all my life. Be careful what you pray for. My new mantra for this year (I make one every year) was and still is "dream big and pray for the results". So if you are wondering what you can give to me, give me your love and your prayers and I will be made whole. God is Love.
Hope this is not too heavy of a post, but it is always in my heart, and Dale is coming over to see me tomorrow and I haven't been going to church because it hasn't fit into my schedule, and I have found God everywhere so hadn't felt the need. Now Erica will say I am rambling again, but you will sometimes get the late nite version which is unedited. Life changes and I am sure this is a growing time spiritually for me AGAIN.


petagi said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep last night. I hope the day went well with wig hunting and the night before with your very special friends sounds like the best medecine ever.
I loved what you said about God and love, because I couldn't agree with you more on all counts. So here is a big dose of love from me to you



Domino said...

Hey Kat,
Hope you like the new hair we sent today. All of us Cameron's love a bargain.
It really reminds me of 1973. How about that time we almost burnt up Todd's Austin Healey shooting hoops. I read about that marijuana stuff, I hope my old friend treats you well. It's easy to believe in miracles look around you and see. It takes one to know one, I know you are a miracle. Love, Namaste & I am

George said...

K, I do not know if I am using this right. I wrote one, suggesting we meet for coffee sometime next week in the afternoon if you have time, but it did not appear. However, in looking for it, your last night (early morning) posting appeared where an older one was before and I got to read it. Thank you. I loved it. I would still like to have coffee in the sun with you; maybe at the South End Starbucks, or someplace else you like.

marilyn dierickx said...

Kerry, Your thoughts make a lot of sense to me--keep em coming. Maybe you should write a book on raising great kids,--because you have.

Your comments are coming from you as a human BEING, even though we spend our lives being mostly human DOINGS.

We love you. Hope today is OK. Love, Mo (Marilyn)

P said...

Kerry, I have always admired you for your commitment to your health as well as your intellectual strength (you are a "beautiful"stud). I can't tell you how often I am reminded of your challenge at hand, and want you to know that positive thoughts with love and prayers are coming your way by the hour.