Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The gymnast lifts her body off the bar, balancing briefly, then throws herself forward full circle to the original point of beginning. Repeat. It takes strength and just enough energy to return to that point without falling forward or not reaching the top, and if done too much it can be dizzying and very disappointing. This is my visual of life lately and I am ready to dismount now for a spell.

Life, it seems, is full of circles. We start on one track and seem to wind up back at the beginning after a journey, only to start over again, perhaps in a slightly different circle.

Of new beginnings-Erica and I went to a wedding shower last night for Tanya Giesbrecht. I remember when the girls were just little ones, determined and confident in their choices from day one. It is so fun to see them grow up and find their new mates. We arrived and took paper and pen to write marriage advice and see if the bride could match author to words before binding it in a book to review at some later moment when the reminder was needed. It was a good exercise for the entire group and the lessons could take chapters of individual experiences, I am sure. " Love like you want to be loved. Keep the chemistry exciting. Have a arsenal of sexy underwear. Don't discuss anything of importance after 10 PM. Always have a cookie jar full of cookies-recipe of chocolate following. Be flexible least you be bent out of shape. Greet your husband with dinner when he comes home from a long day at work-meat and potatoes and apple pie (remember the old Betty Crocker days). Nurture each other's interests. " Wonder what the guys would come up with... I think food and sex would be on the list.

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