Friday, June 1, 2007

What is the Meaning of Life?

I have tried to live life with both purpose and passion, the John L Scott mantra, but the answer to what that is for me as an individual changes with each new chapter of my life. Purpose; what is my purpose? Deep question. The Real Estate career has been a great fit for me and I have counceled people anxious to get into the sometimes lucrative business and considered writing a book on the topic, but couldn't get my arms around the purpose of that book beyond straight education, and that wasn't motivation enough to start writing. Transitions in peoples lives, it is the transistion, the dreams of moving onward in life, the turmoils of moving, that fill me with passion. Bonnie, my work partner, called me after the diagnosis and said "I know what you should do!" " Write that book now." is not our own timing, but God's timing. Everything for a reason. I've not asked myself "why me?" because I know I got busy with routine things and forgot to connect with the purpose. This is slow down time to ponder and find purpose. I've been asked to slow down by God, I just have to open my heart to hear what path I need to travel. Meanwhile, my daughter, Erica, has stepped in to help with that end. She got her license last year with no real intent to activate it because there was no purpose. There is purpose now. She is my angel and has carried my workload the short time I have been recovering, and doing an excellent job getting me more organized and handling paperwork. Our team is getting stronger.


Jan said...

You are amazing. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts!! Your "chemo starts" story with Sean left me in tears (it must be the mother of sons thing). I love being "in touch" with you and with what is important in life. Most importantly, we send our love and prayers to you daily!
Jan and all the Voits

anniem said...

Hi Kerry -
Time to write the book - or start dictating! Your thoughts will help someone through the life transitions.... Remember talking to me about real estate and helping me see that it was not the right thing at the time... I am now working on my very last paper for my masters. You are prominent in it, as I am writing about purpose, transformations, and learning. All tied together. thank you. Love and peace, Anne

Tamae said...

you are in my prayers tonight as I think of your 1st day of chemo. I stopped by to see you yesterday but I was happy to hear that John and the kids saw you and Steve were on a walk. Hope you feel well so you 2 can go walking soon. You are a strong and humerous woman!