Saturday, May 3, 2008

Last chemo

Here we go again. Knocked down but to bounce back again soon. This time we have much to celebrate as my doctor is optimistic that we have once again nipped this one in the bud. As Cori says, remember Chuckey Cheese where the purple guy keeps bouncing back up and gets hit with the hammer...what a visual. We must be vigilant and never give up. I got my 3rd and hopefully last treatment this last Thursday and am sleeping a lot (or not at all if you look at this post time) and expect to be back to new normal by next Thurs.
We are celebrating the closing of Erica and Dan's new house here on Mercer Island and it has been a joy to have them here and settling into new digs. It brings back so many memories of first time home ownership and all that that entails. They are busy going to garage sales and checking Craig's list for furnishings. It is a big process just to close the deal these days. Loans are not easy to come by and are taking longer to close, but all said and done it happened the day I went into the hospital for my last chemo. Must have been meant to be.
Much running through my head these days. I am practicing yoga healing early morning as much as possible since it gets my head in the right place with concentration on forgiveness, choosing miracles over grievances, and relaxation and healing thoughts. Meditation is good for the sole.
I am drinking my Monavie juice that I started taking back in October, but now am distributing since I really think it has helped my energy level, and it is easier than downing pills, or buying organic fruits (which is basically what is is in concentrate juice form). Anybody else out there heard of it? Wanna try it?
The worries over genetic testing and insurance coverage has just changed this last week. Now the insurance companies are no longer allowed to discriminate against people with genetic predispositions. Good news for Erica and I. We are off to get tested since my sister tested positive for the Brach 1 genetic defect. I am learning so much but it is just the tip of the ice burg.
The summer run is coming up and I see we made the newsletter for last years participation as being the largest group! Let's beat that one this year. I hope to run it this time! It is the 27th of July, so mark your calendars....Love you all.

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