Monday, July 9, 2007


My 3rd chemo treatment is quickly approaching, this Friday the 13th. Good thing I am not superstitious. I am feeling stronger every day and I am sure it is thanks to all of you out there who are praying for me, encouraging me, and helping me every step of the way-Thank you, thank you, thank you....
My friend and fellow church goer, Kristin Salerno offered me "Reike" at her house, a Japanese originated hands on healing technique. I could not turn her down. She first presented me with an eagle feather that she told me she had scouted for me the day before as she prepared for the session. It was a juvenille feather, and smaller than she had hoped for, but perhaps, since she hadn't read my blog yet she didn't know how appropriate the juvenille feather actually was. I have been retreating to childhood in many ways since the diagnosis-letting others take care of me, mindlessly eating or rejecting food offered to me without thinking about it, deligating tasks that I otherwise would have been strong doing, basically learning to walk again... She explained that she felt the eagle, a strong bird represened me, with fluffy, weak feathering at the base of the feather, and stiff, strong feathering at the tip. I had actually been watching 2 juvenille eagles play only the night before from the casita as they fished just off shore in front of us. I am always in awe of the power and beauty of those birds. I had gone to sleep thinking of the wings lifting me along my journey when I needed help soaring above it all. Kristin was in sync with my thinking that evening.
The session lastest over an hour with very relaxing music, and light hand placement on various parts of my body. I lay face up, and with eyes closed nearly drifting off to sleep-my body was begging for a massage, but the mind went there without intrusions of physical pressure. It was a beautiful gift.


Cory said...

Your stories are growing richer by the day. It seems that you are soaking in all the good stuff life has to offer, and doing a great job of articulating the experience. Physical matter is just concentrated energy (on an atomic level). You are setting yourself up for healing & success by making sure the energy you take in and give off is the best kind. Keep breathing deeply and reveling in positive thoughts - you will prevail!

kristen said...

Greetings Kerry! While the "Eagle" symbolizes many things for many traditions and cultures.... one of it's 'symbols' happens to be the 'rediscovery of the inner child'!! Another is "a willingness to experience extremes in a controlled condition and thus facilitating the alchemical process of your life" (from "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews). You now have "eagle medicine" in your newly acquired 'tool/medicine box'! Yes, always remember that the eagle has powerful, magnificent wings with the ability to fly to incredible heights- it also has strong talons connecting itself to the earth, keeping 'grounded'. It is with that powerful grasp that it survives. Yes- lift your wings now and soar- use the winds within your life and ride them to physical healing and spiritual heights! XXX Kristen

misty haley said...

Kerry: I just discovered your blog and I like your long flowing fuck-me wig a LOT. And, once again, I find myself right when I say that only the prettiest women look good with really really really short hair, or even no hair at all. Remember, it is a renewable resource.

I left you a phone msg; call anytime if you are interested.

It is a testament to your light and lovely spirit that everyone who visits your blog comes away feeling uplifted by YOU.

I haunt the farmers' markets in the summer; I know we are a long ways from Okla and Ks but there is a slim chance that I will spot some tomatoes that might approximate backyard tomatoes from Ponca city and Kingman, Ks. If so, I will buy and deliver.

Your clarity and love for all who love you come through your blog entries loud and clear. This is a wonderful medium for communicating with everyone who is thinking of you so often and with such hope and caring. Hang tight, Kerry. hugs from Misty H.

susan murphy said...

we are thinking of you every single day, no joke! You always were one of my favorites on mercer island and to read your thoughts and feel your lovely spirit just confirms that you are truly one of the best people I have ever known. I know the 13th will get even MORE of those nasty tumors and we will pray for you tomorrow big time! Will try and call again after you can have some time to recover from tomorrow! We love you Kerry! can't get over your kids! gorgeous, and all grown up! how time flies! hope to see you at christmas so we can give you big hugs and kisses... susan m