Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sail Away

I am getting back on track at work, making phone calls, catching up with people, reading my emails, checking things off my to-do list, and generally feeling great. My cousin arrived from Chicago yesterday and my 2 brothers, their wives, my sister, and most all the cousins arrived at the Casita for dinner and yes, Margaritas! My cousin hasn't been in town since my Dad died almost 15 years ago-where does the time go? We all sat around talking about our youth and some of the crazy things that we did as kids. We laughed and all pitched in on preparing dinner and cleaning up afterwards. Aren't family reunions the best-I even crash other peoples' family reunions whenever I can cause they are so great-thanks Tamblyns for the Camp Patton invite-we should all have more of them.
I got a reminder call this morning that I was signed up to attend a clock hour class in Issaquah tomorrow (we have to take continuing education classes to renew our license and the renewal is approaching). The class was free if I attend, and the subject was technology and I can never keep up with that, plus there is a free lunch! If I wait until the deadline, I will inevitably miss some critical business because I will have to take an intensive week off to accomplish the clock hour requirement. But I worked today, I had a dentist appointment I needed to go to, and I missed the entire day with my cousin. The good thing was that I stayed out of the heat and did accomplish some things.
My brother is 2 years younger than I and when he turned 40 we nearly lost him to a sudden heart attack on New Years Day. It changed his life. He walks every day. He altered his diet, and he retired last year. He sails alot. Didn't I learn anything?
I could go to the class tomorrow, or I could play hooky and go sailing with my brother and my cousin. If you call and I don't answer, leave me a message. I will be out sailing.


linda said...

Go sailing!!!!! Remember Cedar Point - and our sailing lessons????? Great to speak hear your chipper voice - keep it up an hi to Rick - still looking for a picture to send. Oceans of love,


kristen said...

I am thinking of you today, Kerry Kat (Friday the 13th)... (I am not superstitious!! I even have a black Kitty Kat!!) Just wanted to tell you something- as several things are coming back to me, knowing a couple more things from your last blog.... now I 'understand' why I kept hearing "Kitty Kat" as I looked out across the water during your Reiki..... I assumed it was my mom (her nickname was Kitty Kat)- "checkin' in" as she usually does during reikis and meditations..... I think it was a "family reunion" of sorts!!!! Love to you!!! xxx

Sharon Salman said...

Hi Kerry! I am not familiar with these blogs so here we go........
I spoke to Bonnie this morning and she told me about your blog. I have just finished reading every word and am struck by your great spirit and your wonderful ability to write. You are obviously blessed to have a wonderful faith, great friends and a loving, caring family.
I see that you had your 3rd treatment Friday. Bonnie tells me that you are doing very well. I laughed when you talked about Frank having his head shaved as I remember that and have fond memories of us all at the pool.
Dave and I send our love. Keep strong! We hope to see you soon.


Jane Harrison said...

Dear Kerry,

You are beautiful inside and out. I just finished reading every word of your blog. I have been afraid to visit this site because I am very prone to depression and I was fearful of bringing back all the pain surrounding the loss of my father. Yes, I am sad to the core but I am very grateful to you for reminding again that our relationships are all that really matter.

Love and God Bless,
Jane Harrison

misty said...

Kerry Berry: oh, just forget those continuing ed hours and bring on the margaritas. i read this entry of yours and promptly called my kansas cousins; we will get together in september. It sounded like you had a wonderful time with your family.

I was thinking how inspirational and and heartening it is to share this blog with you. Essentially you have taken a personal catastrophe and parlayed it into an opportunity for connection, growth, friendship and love. You have turned the tables on all of us who want to do something for you--here you are, reaching out to the world. I see your super smile in every blog.

I wish I could e-mail Wanda, too. I want to sprinkle some Kerry Fairy Dust on her in the hopes that she might feel the sun shine a little more brightly.

It is great to hear that you are feeling perkier. hugs from Misty