Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Half way there

If I am to go the minimum number of treatments, then I am half way there! I will be going in for a new CT scan next week to actually see the shrinkage of the tumors. Meanwhile, I have an up and coming run/walk that is energizing just by the sheer numbers who have decided to take up the challenge and walk or run for this cause and in support of ME! (Marsha Rivkin Summer Run for Ovarian Cancer-Team Sussex-for those of you who still want to sign up or donate). Thank you everyone and I am looking forward to celebrating with you all. We will be meeting at 6:45am this coming Sunday am at the MI Presbyterian Church where we will be carpooling if you want to join us last minute. I am doing yoga, walking, and swimming in preparation, and am looking forward to meeting other survivors who will be wearing blue shirts. It is amazing the amount of energy a group with a cause can create.

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