Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Abilities or challenges

I have recently and temporarily, had a few physical setbacks and it has opened my horizons. Rather than sit back and let the Doctors handle it, my team has encouraged and inspired me to "be the best You can be". I feel empowered.

I have been thinking of others whose paths have crosses with mine and 2 MS friends, and a new friend with seizures have come to mind. And comes to mind some Chrohns/ Colitis and other breast cancer patients and Altimers' (boy are there some duzies out there-I consider myself lucky... I am inspired by actions they have taken (or not, and would love to either learn or hope from their actions).

This is what action I am taking:
1. Mylo is my service dog and we are working on getting her certified.
2. Invite a friend to dinner or to drive-I am limited to no driving for the next 6 months since my seizure.
3. Ask for help specifically, and get to know who I am asking help from.
4. Dare to dream big and speak about it. Share.

See how loved you are?

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