Saturday, March 6, 2010


Parts of yesterday were a hazes to me and part as clear as gold. I went to my radiation treatment with an entourage of friends, Erica, Terri, Dyllan and Ka. We were greeted by Angel as usual and proceeded to the scanning machine for the quick visit it normally takes. Starbucks fed us a nice cup of coffee afterwards and snack and we went home back to Ka's to check out her classy, beautiful remodeling job. My leg started to go numb again, so I sat down in the kitchen booth and began to try to work it out.. After a few minutes, it didn't get any better, so I lay down on the bench seat and waited for the troops to get back upstairs and take me into the bedroom. I decided to call my doctor and see if there was some physio exercise that I should be doing to relieve this numbness, but the phone connections took too much time and next thing I knew the numb leg migrated into the arm area and shortly took over my whole body quivering in uncontrollable epileptic seizure. My heart raced out of my head, and my left side shook uncontrollably. I heard my daughter, Erica holding me and softly crying for me to wake up and I passed out. I thought I was dying, I was so scared. I woke moments later to find the shaking subsided and medics surrounding me asking me all kinds of questions. Hours of ER and cat scan and blood tests show that the tumor is still to blame for the body malfunctions, but I am convinced we are making progress and that it is not my time to go. What an experience! we drove my the homeless guy, Tony, who stands on the street corner at Rainier and Jackson and Ka handed him a $5. This is 1/10th of what he needs to spend the night at a motel with his son, then he will return for the next day and peddle for the next night. A veteran.


msliz said...

NO MORE BLACKOUTS!! Sorry you had such a scare! It is a good thing you were with people who love you so much! Stay strong and when your brain is spinning remember how much you are loved! Give a hug to your beautiful family ...Milo too!!

Jamison said...

Wow Kerry, how scary. I'm glad you are doing okay now. You and the fam are always in my thoughts. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do. Miss you guys.


krobbs said...

I'm so sorry this happened, but it sounds like you were surrounded by angels.
Praying for you,

Claire said...


This cancer chose the wrong person to pick on - you're tough as nails.
Keep fighting - you've got all of us cheering for you...

Lindy W said...

Kerry - Janet got us all reading your blog, so we are thinking about you, amazed at your strength and continued fight. Thoughts are with you and the family. I've got a grama bag of baby girl clothes in my car for you/Erica - my 3 little girls have outgrown and most weren't even used. Will drop off on your porch this week. How special to have Dyllan with you to help you heal!

Karrey said...

For the last couple of days my thoughts have only been about you and your strength and loving self.
You are so incredible, to have endured such a horrible day, then write about your experience shortly after. You are truly my hero. Love to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

you make me smile through the tears!