Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Special Service

Sunday was a full day starting with my walk with the girls routine. Fresh air and good company is always a great way to start the day. Hiking up through Pioneer Park with Mylo in training (service dog) was both successful and invigorating. The dog preformed her duties well, eager to please and get some much deserved attention, and with my newly purchased hiking stick, my balance was uncompromised. We arrived at our destination, Starbucks, and a short lived wave of nausea overtook me. I had a straight up American and skipped the milk. Done. We walked back down thru the park, noticing all the wonderful old growth forest and beauty that surrounded us.
Home again and it was Dyllan feeding time, and I helped Erica get ready for a baby shower she was making cupcakes for, then tried to get some rest before the church service that would include a special anointment ceremony dedicated to me.
Joys and concerns were many and very heart felt as people expressed their inner most deep hurts and joys. One visitor was asking for prayers for his old roommate who had just killed a young teacher he had been stalking and in turn was later killed by police. Many had recently lost parents or grandparents, or we struggling with illnesses. My heart was heavy. Dale preached a sermon that hit home (the parable from Luke 14:15-24 New Testament p. 77) - the invitation to the banquet no one came to and the servant went out to invite the dejected into his house...and then following that service, I was received by so many who showered me with kind words and positive energy. Liz had a reception to follow and it couldn't have been less meaningful than the baptism of a newborn.

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Janet said...

You amaze me with your energy and stamina and always being on the move. You are inspiring me to fill my days more fully. Glad you had such a good weekend. Thank you for the card with your photo. It reminded me to check your blog and see what you were up to. I am sending love and prayers your way daily. I also put you on the prayer list at Holy Trinity.