Monday, March 1, 2010

Vancouver Olynnpic Games

Saturday Cori, Bonnie and I decided to trek up to the games in Vancouver to savor the flare of the festivities before they left our neck of the woods. We were not disappointed! Dan, Erica and Dyllan caravaned. The border crossing was 10 minutes, the drive around 3 hours, parking by the waterfront, $10/day the trip-memories of a lifetime.
We caught the new sky (underground) train and shoved in like the Japanese trains, moving to the back cars to enable the stroller to fit, with instructions from the platform help for ease in transportation. Arriving at the hub of the activities we entered Robson Street, bought some souvenir pins and looked for the ever illusive red mittens and Olympic gear. To satisfy our growing hunger pains we ducked out of the crowd and drizzle and into Joe Fortes restaurant. We were escorted to the top garden rooftop tented venue, set up to especially for viewing of the city and with big screen TVs and special menu. We shortly notice Vince Vahn, who was getting the royal treatment sitting at the table next to us. Our waiters and waitresses gave us the royal treatment as well, bringing us steak tartar for tasters to an awesome meal.
Satisfied and full we exited to roundevou with Dan, Erica and baby Dyllan and move on to visit the Calderon and take pictures.
Along the route we encountered the party atmosphere of athletes mingling with spectators and a basic adrenaline air with dancing in the street, hockey games (the big hockey match off with the US vs Canada was due the following day and competition was in the air). We place a medal we had brought from home for an event we had completed (tour de Tuscon specifically that Bonnie had done) around Dan's neck and immediately got results-"Who is that guy and what event does he do?" Although we came up with quite a few responses hind site to chuckle about...Dan answered eloquently "I am the Australian baby buggy pusher champion!" and smiled, flexing his muscles and resolving to "Look better naked".
Gastown was our next stop where we check out the historic district and visited the Inuit Indian art shop. I would have loved to buy a few things there, but I am in recycle mode and trying not to add more stuff to my life (memories last a lifetime). Then Dyllan became restless and we stopped at Earl's restaurant to rest a bit and recover. No sooner had we reached the sports bar when Dan recognized 2 guest from his hometown in Terry Hills, Australia that he hadn't seen in 10 years! Amazed at such a small world, we joined them for another fabulous meal of the day and caught up with new friends, calling Australia to let Dan's Mom know that yet another person had gotten to hold her new granddaughter before her.
We left the crowds in search of a Canadian flag we could capture and take over the border, but didn't want to steal one and ruin the welcoming spirit that surrounded us as we left the country (On our entry we had seen many that had fallen off cars, but were not destined to take one home). Cori had said if we didn't get one, we would loose the hockey game-which was to happen the next day. It is her fault we lost!

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Coryazy said...

I saw the picture of Dan and Erica and knew immediately what was going on. Leave it to your daughter to bring a fake medal to the Olympic Games! She cracks me up!