Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have a dream

Last night, under the influence of general anesthesia, I got violently ill, then restless remembered my dreams as I slept fitfully off and on, or not at all, with grandiose dreams that nurse Cherie encouraged as she came in to wake me every hour for more pokes and sticks, temperature readings and blood pressure monitoring.
I first remembered my mother and what an influence she had on me growing up, the care she gave me and what I have passed on to my daughter and now to her new baby...then my sister, who is caring for her mother-in-law who had a stoke, in her house where she added a wing.
That lead me to think of our current situation. In order to save money we are combining households and Erica and Dan and baby Dyllan, when she comes home, are moving in downstairs. Like the good ole days, we will take care of each other and help each other reach our goals and be one big family again. Sean rents the Casita next door but we have toyed with selling that and now I see it as a res pit for healing and want to keep it for others to enjoy in transitional phases of their lives. It has been that for our family and others and made a wonderful difference. We don't need a second home, we just go next door and hot tub out on the waterfront and watch the sun come up over Mt Rainier. It is a magically spot where we had Erica's wedding ceremony. The waterfront tranquillity is dream invoking.
I remembered today sketching my 10 yr vision on paper at a Pursuit of Excellence class and there were grandchildren coming down the driveway at our house. Here it is nearly 10 yrs later, and the children are moving back in with grandchild number 1. Dream can manifest themselves. Dream big.


margaret said...

You are on a remarkable journey and I am so honored to be on it with you. Keep on dreaming!!!

Barbara said...

Dearest Kerry,
We all need to be reminded to keep on dreaming. Dreaming can bring on great new ideas and take you into another world. A world of joy, peace, creativity, love, hope and so much more.
Spent the morning at SCCA. Should hear next week if I am included in the Phase 1 study.
Love, Barbara