Monday, February 1, 2010

Tornado times

Feeling in a whirlwind once again as I have been in and out of the hospitals-Swedish for my own testing that keeps coming back "inconclusive" and then Overlake to see my angels-Erica & Dan with baby Dyllan. We are moving back to the waterfront house at 7550 E Mercer Way, (still Mercer Island) and are setting up a downstairs apartment for all when we get our houses rented and feet back on the ground. Every day both in and out of the hospital is a gift. I am learning so much about the power of love.
I have had a few quick trips to the hospital since I wound up with a numb leg and headache and dizziness. Most recently I had a biopsy on some lite up area found in my skull, so now I have staples in my head and inconclusive results-perhaps another test in the wings. Meanwhile I am spending every minute feeling love that surrounds me-cleaning my nest and redying it for a celebration party and baby shower, walking in the mild weather of the best January in decades, and cherishing family and friend relationships. I have told Dr Kaplan to expect a miracle. I am on every prayer chain I can get on and I feel the power. We are not alone on this planet by any means.
Watched the grammies tonight and found power and love in the arts that entertain us and the wonderful way we take care of each other and nurture each other. There is so much to be thankful for.


Barbara Hoffman said...

Good Morning Kerry,
I hope you saw the beautiful pink clouds before the sunrise this morning. God sends us little love packages each day!
My tests have also been inconclusive and I will see Dr Kaplan this morning to see where we go from here. CA-125 was 229 three weeks ago. CT/PET-scan was "funny". Maybe we will get a look at it today. I see him this afternoon.
Love your blogspot. Thank you for keeping it up to date so our prayers can be more specific. Of course the Lord knows.
Love you dear friend in this challenge.
Baby Dyllan Grace is beautiful. Have a joyful day.
Blessings, Barbara

Claire said...

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for keeping us updated - we really appreciate it. Looks like someone sent you some comment spam in the previous post - most likely trying to climb the rankings of seach results by the google search engine for their own site. You can disallow anonymous posting and you can disable the posting of hyperlinks in your google blogger settings if you find these intrusive.

Love and prayers for you all from us here in San Clemente...
Warren, Claire, Jena & Sheri