Friday, February 26, 2010


My head is spinning with all of the brainstorm ideas that are circling my head. I have a schedule starting early in the morning. If I am sleepless and up blogging, I can flip the lightswitch on in the stairwell so that Dyllan's parents know I can help with the feeding and maybe they can get some much needed rest (surely new parents are on overdose and must be exhausted); then I have gratitude to express and there are a million way to do that also (magic cookies, thank you notes, phone calls...). This process early in the morning, or even middle of the night, is restful and gearing up for the new and beautiful day that is showing itself to me in winter storms, sunrises, waterfront activity, dog cuddling and baby sttention. I must be careful not to spend too much time on any activity because it becomes an addiction.
I have scheduled my radiation appointments in the am on purpose since it gets me going and the hospital staff is fresh and new. I get dressed for the day because I have places to be and "stuff" to do. (Some days I need help with this one too).
Pinch me, make it real
I am so filled with loving energy from all who surround me that I overdose and forget to rest. By afternoon I really need to quit spinning and lay down. This is when pain, vomiting, or body collapsing seems to happen which frustrates me (sure some of this is from chemo or radiation....I have cancer). It makes it real because everyone is going through life with some sort of ordeal and we forget to listen to them because we are overdosing on our own pains. Let go, Let Love take over...


Dan said...


Clever double entendre with your spin on 'Overdose'

To pull such valuable lessons and meanings from these sometimes confusing times is a gift to everyone. I have learnt to read your posts as daily wake up calls !

To slow down and release oneself from the noise inside your head allows the magic to flow !

seek to understand , not to be understood is what i took from this.....

Thanks for your wisdom and clarity

On the ride with you always


Tamae said...


I am so uplifted by your blog. I love the helpful hints on how to get rid of the stuff and dressing tips. You have endless energy and ideas- thanks for sharing.

Also thanks for your card, it is nice to get real hand addressed card- it was such a mystery and I was so excited to open it and find your smiling face.

Miracles shall follow miracles and wonders shall never cease. I am using that as my Lent mantra and keeping you close to my heart.

Love and prayers, Tamae