Thursday, February 11, 2010

New treatment

There is nothing like new life to make you want to stick around for while longer. Dyllan is my treatment. Our hearts beat as one when I pick her up and hold her. I fed her a bottle of Mom's milk today just after getting out of surgery myself for a brain biopsy that will need attention soon. She spit up a big swallow all over her cute little new outfit. "I know what that is like Dyllan, I do that too, but you have to learn to eat to get strong and get out of here" I tell her. She smiles at me and opens her little bird mouth some more, and then she purrs like a little kitten. It melts my heart, what a gift from heaven. Her tubes and monitors are almost all gone. I hated mine, I couldn't sleep from beeping and bright lights and nurses waking me up all the time for blood test, blood pressure, shots of insulin...The only one left is her feeding tube because she is still developing. The nurses at the hospital love her so much they are happy to take care of her till the end of March when she was due to come home, but like her parents, she a competitor and has to push on and be the best she can be as soon as possible. Love is contagious, pass it on. That is what living life is all about!

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