Friday, February 19, 2010

magic happening/alien encounter

I cannot possibly begin to describe the "magic* that happened yesterday alone. For simplicity's sake, let's just say each set of () is an opportunity for someone to comment or expound on the story) My head is exploding (perhaps a "chemo brain" side effect of the radiation that took place yesterday, as that is what Dr Mehta (Dr Love-that is what Mehta means) said might be a side effect of the procedure. Nasea is the feeling of the moment, the power of suggestion? I tried to block out that idea-it is a negative idea and I WILL not be negative about this treatment!!!! It is not a loving idea, God help me. YES, that is what Cancer has taught me.
The 2 hr consultation turned into an afternoon appointment to actually do the radiation. Like Avatar, I was escourted into a my spaceship where the transformation took place. "Are you clostraphobic?" Tony, the technician asked. I lay down on the stainless flatbed and a cold, wet breathable matter was placed over my face. "Kinda like a facial" Brea told me. (They remembered my name, I HAD to remember theirs-after all I AM a real estate agent and names are very important). This formed the facemask that would direct the radiation beams to my brain. In just about the same time a wonderful facial would have been over, the mask was ready to remove. I left the spaceship to return to earth, euphoric, and ready to return for the 1st spaceship trial launch that afternoon. To be continued...if you would like to drive me to a future launch, Kathy and Steve are scheduling escort service. I cannot wait to share with you, Hal-you are on buddy, Steve is 1st (warning-it will exhaust you and I am so happy you are up for the excitement (you might have to go to your man cave afterward)! Dyllan will ground us.

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