Sunday, June 24, 2007


My computer has a virus so it is too tired to let me even check my email. Robin, are you out there to rescue me?
Steve and Sean shaved my shedding head last Thursday just before my Friday chemo treatment. Erica videotaped. It was a freeing experience and I am having fun with my new looks (I have a few wigs and a huge amount of scarfs and hats, so you might not recoginize me).
My Dr appt went really well. The blood counts are good, and the tumors appear to be shrinking. I have regained a bit of my smell (which I have been without for many years now) and my wart on my toe is gone also. There are a few side benefits to chemo!
Erica is busy being a nanny and also joining efforts with me in the Real Estate business. She has been a tremendous help.
Sean is looking for some pool time somewhere where he might be able to give private swim lessons so if you know of anyone with a good facility (private or club) that has openings, let us know. He is also looking into commercial real estate and enjoying interviewing with those in the industry-thanks all you friends out there with that background.
Steve has been working hard with Sean to move tons of dirt at the Casita for our new landscape plan that need to be implemented for permits on our dock and bulkhead approval.
All in all, our household is very busy at the present and running both fast and slow. Balance is key.


Greg said...

Closely following your Journey. Steinhauer Family sends its Love and Prayers.

If Sean wants some interviews in Commerical RE,happy to help.Have him call me @206-510-8824. I can set him up with with a broad array
of people.

You will prevail!!


Janet said...

Hey Kerry,

Wow, you even look good without the hair. Break out the dangly earrings girlfriend! You're lookin' good!

It was great seeing you Thursday. Erica is terrific too!

Janet Mead

petagi said...

Well hello to my "hairless and wartless" friend. You're right there are some benefits to chemo. Now I don't know about your sense of smell coming back as to which category it belongs. Sometimes it can be not a great thing. Of course you know I'm just kidding, cause now you will be able to smell and taste food which as you know is verrrrry important--especially to me. I will bring you something to smell so that we can test this small miracle.


D'Ann said...


You are a true inspiration to us. All of us here think of you so often, we are a true family. I know that you will have lots of sunny days ahead, and I see a dive vacation for us in the future.

Love, D'Ann