Sunday, June 10, 2007

A child's perspective

My children were only 4 and 6 years old, my Mother died of breast cancer. Judy Witmer, our dear friend and preschool teacher, gave us children's books to read to the kids to try to help them understand, and to open conversation. Some of my favorites; "I'll always Love You", "The Runnaway Rabbit", and "Mrs Rumphius". Mrs Rumphius was about a spinster who traveled the earth with many adventures, beauties, and aquaintences, who pondered, as we all do, the meaning of life. Her quest was to leave the world a better place and she struggled for many years to find how she was going to accomplish that simple task. She loved the flowers and how they made her feel when they bloom and began spredding seeds across the hillsides. We read lots of books, and I choked up many times and wondered how I could ever survive my Mother's death or even get out of bed the next morning. I routinely picked up Sean from preschool and hand in hand we walked down the road as we talked about Grandma's death. "I don't think you understand". "You will never see Grandma Nancy again", I said."Oh yes we will". he responded happily, "In Heaven". That day I began to heal.


Frank Ceteznik said...

I didn't realize you were such a good writer. I agree with Bonnie, you should start writing the book.
See you in the office.

Debra said...

Just a Sunday I love you, Ms. Kat!

Sue D said...

Kerry, I have read all of your blogs. I find myself either smiling at your incredible insights into yourself and those around you or a tear is rolling down my cheek at the battle you are facing with such courage. In spite of what you are facing,this is a wonderful time in your life, Kerry. You are watching your children on the verge of starting their own lives as adults. It's the reward for the good job you and Steve have done raising them. You have much to be proud of.