Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Gardener

Neighbors are constantly walking by our house complimenting Steve on his immaculate care of the yard and gardens. It is quite gratifying to have someone notice. We have recently moved from isolation on the lake where only 1 neighbor drove by where the 1/2 acre of grounds (knarly woods) needed grooming, to a much more manageable (and public) neighborhood-Salem Woods. Like bees to a hive, neighbors buzz in and out (best place for a garage sale) watching the changes that are gradually but constantly going on. We kid Steve about his job as a weeder, but when you think about it, what more gratifying profession is there? When I attempt to put the inside in line with the beautified, manicured outside, I usually end up messier than I started trying to get organized, or I'll call in for help. Together, we can see the comleted package-a honeymoon retreat-but gettting there is always a process. Pulling weeds requires getting them by the roots, Steve insists. "I know, my Mom used to pay me 1cent for each dandelion I would uproot for her, but inevitabley they would grow back more numerous than before. "You can't just muffin top them". "You have to get them by the roots". Steve is an advocate for shooting them with poison-a visual I hold now with the onset of cancer. I am an impatient and spontaneous sort. Short on the wait and see. "Just do it" then see theory. This will be a long haul. Everything must marinate.
We yanked out the juniipers a couple of months ago-or I should say, I suggested, and Steve yanked. That's normally the way it goes-I suggest, Steve does-when it comes to gardening-It's a team effort. He worked arduously and constantly until the entire corner was done, then tackled the front pathway. Have you ever tried to get those overgrown monsters out of your garden? They need a tow truck! Our old "Salem Woods" neighborhood sign hid behind tall junipers and slowly showed it's face, as did our new neighbors as they saw the entry to our neighborhood restored to it's original splendor.


hj said...

Kerry & Steve,

Considering that I spent a few hours yesterday fighting with the ivy monster that surrounds our house, I can definitely relate to what you write; and especially that you write so well. Wow! Who knew? (Not me, anyway)

Good to see Steve out today at Tim's 50th, carrying your spirit with him to see friends. Our thoughts are with you.

Anne & Howard

Jean Ramberg said...

Hi Kerry, Just seeing if my blog connection is working. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Becky Lee said...

I'll have to come down and see your beautiful yard. Your blog inspired me to weed this morning.

Becky Lee said...

I should add weeding is very theraputic and gives one time to think. But I also had to butcher a rooster that was causing trouble and that also made me think. Not all therapy is easy.

Marianna said...

Dear Kerry: Just got home from vacation. Maureen had forwarded Erica's email to me. What a shock and surprise. If anyone can manage to handle and overcome this, it is you! I know few people as determined as you are and you have your wonderful family, now including Dan to help you in this fight. My prayers every day will include you and yours.

Marianna Sheehan