Thursday, June 7, 2007


The happy thoughts and visualizations of beauty and peace are healing. Last night Steve and I retreated alone to the Casita, while Erica escaped with her friends and tried to get back to normal (whatever that is for now). At the Casita, the visual creates it's own ever changing scenery, but we took along the old "I Love Lucy" tapes that our neighbor lent us and laughed at how little has really changed. It made The Production seem so much more likely to really become a reality.
I took an Ambien-giving it another try-to settle down and fall asleep, but woke up once again with a clear message that chemo was the right answer (Key mo-more). That must be working but I am still listening to all methods of healing-preferring,as ever, to do things naturally whenever possible. Love, love, love the happy thoughts and laughter therapy. So must our boys overseas-you go Reid and Matt.


George said...

I am reading your thoughts and trying to share them. Thank you.

Frank Ceteznik said...

I just got on your blog site. I will read your thoughts. I quickly read about Quarterback and I understand this anology since I was a quarterback in my playing days.
Mr Mercer Island

Jean R. said...

Hi Kerry,

The Casita is a magical place. I loved our time there. The dock looks great--and I like the red cabinets.

Deb said...

P.S. I tried Ambien a couple of times... my dear daughter begs me to take it so she can watch the weird things that I do under the influence (and do not subsequently remember!).