Friday, June 8, 2007

Blogger help

It's another f-ing foreign language! Frustrating that is, and we all have to be patient and learn how to communicate with it because it is soooo great when you can really use the tools! Thanks Bill Gates, you are awsome. I admit, I had help from the younger generation, thanks Erica and Chelsea, because when they do it for you, it's a breeze, but just like driving a car, if you don't do it yourself, you won't learn the lesson, so try it and enjoy! One of my more patient friends even discovered she could tap into other blogger's blogs and she learned about my friend Deb's only daughter, Celeste, who has even more trials than me, and nearly died of cancer a few years ago but is surviving stronger today-you go girl!

Dad, you said you print the page for family who prefer not to frustrate themselves with the internet. Thanks for sharing. I just learned how to check my gmail account to read the new emails I have had sitting in my new (unjunked and preferred) email account. I have been meaning to do the same, just haven't gotten to it. I deligated the book form to a friend, and haven't heard from her, though I am sure she is just busy and I am impatient to get the word out. Your issue with pulling up the Girl's Nite out picture is because you saved with the connection that Steve gave you on favorites that brings you back to the May webpage-Erica taught Steve that one, and she admits she is soooo busy that she hasn't even gotten to read my blog for days, and people are asking her how to use the stupid website. I will try not to clutter the chapter with stupid details, they can be organized and directed by other people who have patience and time to do this as a service to others who need to communicate. Try resaving the favorite with and see if that fixes the problem. Then, as you have discovered, to respond, you set up a gmail account so you can respond to the chapter-but you can go back and respond to the appropriate chapter too if you want-I look back and reread the chapter comments each day! So for now, set up a gmail account so you can respond to comments and get new, uncluttered email, I will have the time to respond. TO SET UP A GMAIL ACCOUNT you have to go to google line and put in (Erica had to tell me that one too-remember I am regressing to a two year old, but that means I am determined to do it "by self") Then you will get instructions on converting email from whatever venue you are currently using on your new gmail account email. Hope that helps.
As you can see, I am still up at 1 am. This seems to be the time when all is quiet and my best writing flows (don't know about this entry). Erica is getting mad at me for posting in the middle of the nite instead of sleeping, but I can rest during the day with gatekeepers and new rules. We are organizing, compartmentalizing, and learning how to communicate even better. This computer stuff even translates into other languages. My next vision (thanks Dawn for Wendy's story) is sign language-did you notice the peace sign?-that is universal.


Chuck said...
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Chuck said...

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Erica today, on my 24th birthday. I know, I shouldn't have been becuase like all of the other Sussex's she's an amazing, caring person and I should never have entertained the thought that she would forget my birthday. But because I was not caught up with the Sussex Family events I was of the belief that Erica was down under. However, with her big heart a call or e-mail from Australia wouldn't totally surprise me either.
Yet what came with the wonderful phone call was the sad news of your recent diagnosis. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers, as well as those of the entire Grimes Family are with you. You've always had the best attitude and outlook on life and its great to see that nothing is going to take that away.
I have not been able to read the entire blog yet, but I look forward to doing so when I get out of the office and you can count on more comments to come.
Keep up the good fight. Its wonderful to see pictures of you all and even the Bayster on the blog. You look great. I look forward to keeping up with your progress here and will always be thinking of you.

Deb said...

Thinking of you...with love.

Anonymous said...


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