Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Wig

My girlfriends Marilyn and Cori kidknapped me the other day for a surprise party at Marilyn's. The water was sparkling and the air was warm and comforting. I have always said to my friends, those who run with me, get me out into nature when I am down and blue, when it is raining too much, when something put a bump in the road. So they fed me cherry pie, watermellon, water, and berries and showered me with presents-Cori and Maelita had gone shopping for LIFE IS GOOD clothes-very uplifting. Jeanne Cree surprised me with her wig made from her own hair when she went through the chemo process and a bag full of bandanas. We talked about the reason people wear wigs in the 1st place and how it would feel, who we were doing this for. We talked about what it was like to have your hair fall out and be bald. There are definetly times when I will present myself bald! Look out. I was a short but very sweet visit. These are the growing times that make me whole again. Thanks girlfriends.

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