Sunday, June 17, 2007


Isn't it funny how you can pop from one thought or message to another by the connection of just one word. We do it all the time on the computer now. It can take us on quite a journey if we let it. Positive thoughts or negative thoughts, we can spiral out of control. It can be healing or debilitating.

I have a friend who was delivered the death sentence about the same time as I was given hope of survival. Most likely the same odds, just a different delivery of the message-you have cancer. I hope I get the opportunity to walk and talk with her so she can know there is hope in each day of our lives, no matter how long we have on this earth. Who tells you how long you have on this earth? Don't miracles happen every minute?

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rita said...

and you are one of the miracles! to get a note of thanks when your world is blurred and so completely involved in so many ways! you are a wonder! WE should all thank YOU for your spirit (although it makes one feel a bit guilty in the mundane of the "day to day" that takes our energy and witnesses your super attitude)!
Life IS all in the way you look at it isn't it? rita