Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I have found that we develop routines to organize and prioritize our lives. This is a good thing, like the cleaning crew, it refreshes us and declutters the wasted time that diminishes the positive energies we could be spending doing something productive. Before cancer I had a working semiorganized routine that included waking up in the am, drinking my cup of coffee, working out (if I didn't get my own exercise done in the morning, I felt the effects of a sluggish body the rest of the day- Fitness First-right Dan?), doing Sudoku (now this one has been questioned as it sometimes can cause me great frustration and leave me in a bad mood early am, but mental activity is important to staying healthy, so find your own solution there), spending time with my husband, drinking Starbucks coffee and mostly driving around checking out the new Real Estate on the market and preparing for the rest of the day-my work, helping people transition to a new lifestyle.
After my surgery, my routines got turned upside down. Like anyone in crisis, I was in dispair, didn't know which way was up. Gradually, I return to those old comfort routines, but with new passion for life and renewed purpose with clarity about why these things have meaning-each breath is a gift, each day an opportunity to create a memory for both myself and someone else, make it a good one. Stay healthy.

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Shmer said...

Hi Everyone!

Dont forget to mark your calendars-- JULY 22-- is mom's Sweedish Ovarian Cancer Run--- the link is

and fill out the info--"I am a team member" bit

then click on "continue" (dont worry about a name and password)

then select "Team Sussex" from the drop down menu

I think I am signed up for the 10k run--cant remember....

We are having t-shirts made in honor of mom, and it would be GREAT if you would all support her in her battle to FIGHT ovarian cancer!

Thanks for all your support with this--and pass it onto your friends!!