Monday, June 4, 2007

The Production

While visiting with our neighbors yesterday, my crazy brainstorm of an idea began taking shape. Some people would think I was smoking something, but isn't that how a lot of fabulous ideas go Hollywood. Where to start?
Marilyn mentioned the other day that it was helpful to open certain boxes when it was mutually agreed to open them. I wanted to refocus on the Wedding Box, and stay away from the Cancer Box for the moment. MY DAUGHTER IS ENGAGED to an awsome hunky Australian man. I was not initially prepared to welcome a new man into our family since Erica has a knack of choosing wonderful men, and I keep thinking she is going to loose out on a great one just because she is picky or because it is not the right timing, but I would have to say it is all in the timing (for all you wonderful x-boyfriends out there) bad timing. Some people say Dan looks like Tom Cruise, and Erica has it all over Paris Hilton, so I got to thinking that their wedding should go Hollywood. I could let the pros help out with the wedding planning of a lifetime! So, dream big and pray for the results, and help me find Hollywood. The story is certainly more entertaining than Friends, Scub (did you see the musical version the other nite? I loved , and totally related to the song on Poo), and The Wedding Planner. So all you out there-I know you know them-who do I need to contact to make this big one come off? I challenge you to find the connection before I do. Look, we even have the international theme going on. Oh, by the way, 2 complications we are trying to work out that perhaps you can help with: Dan needs a visa here, they have decided to move back to Seattle-anyone know an immigrations attorney? They really don't want to get married before their set date of July 5, 2008 just for the sake of a visa, and maybe you can help with job too-Dan is a personal trainer and committed to training for my recovery-anyone need a personal trainer for the Summer Run? (The Summer Run, save the date, is July 22, 2007, in Seattle, the Marsha Rivkin run for ovarian cancer, and I plan on running-check with Marilyn Dierickx on team Sussex fundraising and sign up). And Sharon Scott, my San Diego marathon training girlfriend, has taken on team in training again only this one in honor of me! She has challenged herself to reach a goal with me as her inspiration, and will be doing the Pacific Grove Triathalon and funraising for leukemia and lymphoma.
Flashbacks of when I was running with tears in my eyes during my mother's dying days (she died of breast cancer when Erica was just about 6 years old) wishing that I could emote some of my energy into her life. I watch Erica and now Dan run for the cure. Message-get yourself in shape before you need to! How did I let myself get into the cancer box again?


Claire said...


The Sussex 4 from San Clemente are on board to support your team! Just went to the race website to donate and couldn't find the Sussex team listed or the name Marilyn Dierick. Can you provide more details on how to contribute for your team?

Go Team Sussex!

Dawn said...

Ok, about the Hollywood wedding, Amy's husband Tony is a photographer and he may be getting his helicopter pilots' license this year, so he could be the paparazzie... :)

George said...

I do not think Dan will have any immigration problems once they are married. There is a lot of paperwork and he should bring birth certificate, etc. with him.

Debbie Brown said...

Hi Kerry,

If you have not seen it already, get a copy of the June - More -magazine. It has a good article on cancer and I was reminded of it when I read your note about the "cancer box". I am madly getting people commited to the run on July 22. Is there a website that I can direct them to to register and contritute? Charlie wants to do it and so all those boys can run together!

kathy sesnon said...

Hi Kerry,

Janet Cheetham (mother of Stephanie, same class as Sean) is an immigration attorney - here is link to her bio.

Direct Dial: 206-654-2235

Would Dan set up a group training program for the July run? Sign me up, if so!


Karrey said...

I went to a wedding this weekend, they didn't have a planner but they did forget the brides bouqet amd buchaneers. The mother of the bride stayed up way to late, ended up in the hot tub and locked herself out of her room. She slept outside on the lawn in her sleeping bag. Maybe she should have had a planner. Go Team Sussex

petagi said...

I can get the name of a wedding planner. The daughter of a friend of mine (she's great) retired since she gave birth to twins but I know she will know someone great to recommend. Also will anyone of your athletic friends be "walking" the 5k on July 22nd, since that's what I will sign up for.

Anonymous said...


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