Monday, June 11, 2007

words of wisdom

Daily I search for words of wisdom and I recieve them from many sources. I get motivational quotes online, Unity prayers, friends calling and stopping by, books and tapes-keep them coming. Self talk is important and keeping it positive is imperative on a daily basis.
Yesterday was a great day physically. I walked with Erica, Steve, and Bailey, to QFC and back. It was great to start the day outside-the sun broke through cloudy skies and I knew it would be a good day. I shared my blog with a former football player, the one I had written "Quarterback" chapter for, and he gave me, in return, a newspaper article (hard to find good news in the paper these days, so when we do we clip and save) entitled "Life's great safari is facing your own fear", by Robert I. Jamieson Jr.. It seemed appropriate to share at graduation-

"Live your life with passionate intesity and do not waste time with petty frustrations.
Make a list of things you want to know or do and chase them by pushing yourself to the precarious edge of possibliity.
Strive to contribute to the world because none of us knows how much time is left on the clock."

Physical strength comes sporatically for me now, but yesterday I felt strong once again and went to Kirkland, my old Sunday stomping grounds where I traditionally rejuvinate with Deanne and Susan each Sunday am and run the shores of Lake Washington-yesterday I got a frozen yogurt-that is what recharges Erica! We had taken a whole month (at least) off, and it was great just to show up and see their faces (rule number 1 in rehab-just show up).
Hahn came at noon with her other son and brought spring rolls and soup as promised. We tried on our wigs again for her son and got a second laugh sharing our new looks.
Sean and girlfriend, Jamison, arrived home around 4pm after a long drive back from LA. It's great to have them here, safe and sound and smiling.
I ate all day long with wreckless abandon, and after finishing most of my dinner, stopped short, full to the top with the realization that I hadn't used any drugs to combat lack of appetite-in fact, I hadn't used any drugs all day-I just felt normal again! I am going to be strong for 2 weeks in between chemo treatments! I will be able to do anything, so God grant me wisdom to live each day passionately with a contribution to the world.


Michele said...

Dear Kerry,

It's Michele and Mike Schnitzius. We'd ask how you are but your blog is so eloquent there is no need! It is good to see your happiness and strength in your entries in addition to the obvious tough times. We have not seen each other in too long, but you must know that you are never alone and the loving thoughts and prayers of many more than you know are always with you.

God bless,
Michele & Mike

rita said...

so good to see you out walking and looking so good yesterday! you are a tough one!your daily updates are really inspiring...rita