Thursday, June 21, 2007

Port Townsend

Steve and I backed out of Mercer Island to a slower pace after settling banking affairs, rental closure, office meeting with Erica in matching Pink Polo striped shirts (mini me), and smoothie for the road. Pulling up to the ferry we tailgated a truck carrying a ragged green sectional tied precariously in the back of their pick-up. I made a mental note that we were escaping fashion town to a Hippie existence in an artsy town with meager existence-so close to city yet so laid back and relaxed-Pt. Townsend (2 hours drive, ferry ride and over Hood Canal Bridge-a beautiful drive-I wonder how many Mercer Islanders have never ventured so far). I looked up. Steve had gotten out of the car and was talking to the truck driver-"Kerry, look who it is!" Doug and Patrick Rigby and our ole friend Bronx, their trusty black lab! They were off to Port Townsend too where Patrick would be staying whilst managing a building project. We caught up on the ferry ride and visited the construction site when we got into town. The sun was out and the air was beginning to warm up and I could feel the stress of the day melt away as we crossed the sound and watched the seagulls play and float on the air currents alongside the ferry. Both Mt. Rainier and Mt Baker were snow capped and out majestically and everyone had a relaxed smile on their face. They were leaving city life. The pace was slowing and I was on recharge.

We checked into The Tides Inn-a new addition to the waterfront hotel made famous in the movie "Officer and a Gentleman". Our room was complete with gas fireplace, glass framed balcony overlooking the vast sound and sailboats moored in the harbor. The bathroom had a huge jetted tub and my favorite-a heated toilet seat with bidet-fridge and microwave-we could just hunker down here. With energy to burn, we set out to get some lunch and tour the artsy shops along Water Street. The Mad Hatter was beconning me as my hair needed anchoring-it is coming out by the brushful and easily pulled out if I run my fingers through-can I keep this up just a few more days? a week? I wore my hat to dinner as the wind had tosseled my hair and I didn't want to brush it again for fear of loosing all my bangs or making a big bald spot. I vowed to return for a fancy hat and perhaps scarf to match as momento of the trip. We drove to the beach and walked through the garden trellis covered with roses-I thought a perfect place for a wedding even an outdoor gazebo and covered picnic area.

The trail lead to the beach and we combed the beach for white pebbles. Steve wanted only the purest white pebbles but many were hiding black spots or imperfections when you picked them up. I commented that they reminded me of the worry stones that people had gifted me for my pocket that had messages or symbols on them "believe", "trust", and angel, or peace sign. We decided that we would collect as many as possible on each trip to the beach and let supporters choose one for their pocket to remind them to pray each time they felt the rock in their pocket. The tide was out and children speckled the beach laughing and playing in the sand. The sound of laughing children is always music to the soul. We drove through Ft Warden park and memories of adventures with my own children flooded my mind.

I called Debbie and asked her where to eat since she lived in Pt. Townsend many years in the days our oldest children were babies together. They owned the Four Corners grocery and gas station on the way into town-still there today mostly unchanged over time. The work was hard, the salary meager, the lifestyle slow and laid back. We had been to folk life festivals and toured Victorian mansions. Great memories of days gone by... Deb told us not to miss Silverwater Cafe. We found it and had the best home cooked meal in an old historic building just off Water Street. We even had desert-blackberry pie ala mode. Then back to our room for a peaceful wind down ready for another beautiful day sunny day. Looking into the loving eyes of my devoted, but devastated husband, with no cares or worries for the moment,we vowed to escape and recharge before each monthly chemo.


Eileen said...

I am glad you had a good time in Port Townsend. I was wondering why you hadn't written for several days. (I check daily.) Good luck with chemo tomorrow. We will be thinking about you! We are off to Pismo on Sunday for the week, so I'll be without internet access for a while. I look forward to reading your updates when we return.

love always,

(Kent, Natalie & Beau too)

msliz said...

Hi Kerry,
I am so tech impaired. I just wrote a nice little letter to you, and then when I went to send it I had to actually sign up to do the blog thing, and it all got erased...I think!? impaired!!!
I basically responded to your trip to Port Townsend...cause your great writing evoked such wonderful memories of trips to Whidbey Island. Like you I love the beach..the sound of the seagulls, and the expanse of Puget Sound. Don't have to go to far for incredible beauty around here. So if you are looking for another fun getaway..Langley on Whidbey is a fun desination. Great ferry ride, not too far away, and Langley has cute shops and restaurants!!
AND, I wondered if you are still sleeping with the Big Bad Wolf??
Lastly, I mentioned that I now know where Sean gets his great sense of humor...both your kids are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO darling!!
Hope all went well with chemo on Friday. I think you have missed your true are a wonderful just add a little sex and scandel and you just might have a best seller!
Seriously, you do write so well, and I just wish it was all fiction.
You and your famiy are in my thoughts and prayers!
PS. Just remembered you know all about Langley, cause of going to Hal and Kathy' you know why I love it!!