Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Quarterback

I have used this analogy more than once in my Real Estate career because it helps me relate to the men and how we play the game of life. My Dad was a football player, for us ladies it is social hour, and if you pay attention to the game, there are some real life lessons to relate to. I am glad we are over the days of gladiator!
We are all players or spectators or both in the game of life, and we can choose to play the game or not. Sometime along the road we retire, hopefully before we get too beat up. The quarterback calls the plays (of course along with the coach), and sometimes has to wing it due to unforseen circumstantces, to score. It can get pretty exciting and unpredictable. When you consider yourself in shape to play the game, you think you are invicible, and you are charged with superpower to get that ball down to your goal and score. Sometimes best laid plans are foiled by interceptions, sometimes you can pull a fake, and sometimes the play goes just as planned, but the exciting part is that it is so unpredictable.
When you are moving, the goal is to get to the next lifestyle. Sometimes that goes easily, and sometimes it takes a lot of training, coaching, and determination just to make the next down, but persistance and focus on the goal make for the final score. You have to keep your focus. The coach's call is not always the right answer, but if you believe in the coach and yourself, anything is possible. Then there is alway the referree, who has to be called in when we thought we had made progress, but the rules were broken, so it is a do over. So hang in there my clients, I am still coaching, and you are still in the game. Go Huskies (ha ha, just had to add that for your Cougar fans)

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